San Juan de la Cruz University admission system to welcomes applications from students of all nationalities.

In order to be eligible for admission to San Juan de la Cruz University, you need to fulfil or expect to fulfil the following admission requirements

  • General admission requirement
  • Specific admission requirements

General admission requirement

The general admission requirement is that you have accomplished upper secondary school education / high school diploma. The general admission requirement may vary depending on which country you have obtained your upper secondary / high school education from.

For some countries the upper secondary school education is not enough and needs to be supplemented with one or two years of higher education.

Specific admission requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements all study programmes require further or supplementary qualifications in specific subjects. Foreign applicants must also meet these specific admission requirements.

An example of such specific requirements may be competence in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, History or foreign languages, to be demonstrated in the upper secondary / high school qualification or in some supplementary courses. Another example may be a certain grade average in specific subjects. Applicants must therefore include information and transcripts of level obtained in the relevant subjects (for example A/O level, Higher/Subsidiary level, number of years studied at upper secondary school or university and in some cases number of taught hours in the subject).