San Juan de la Cruz University builds software and hardware and through flexible study plans allows students to specialise if desired. The available majors are Computer Systems and Networks, Enterprise Information Systems, Software Design, Software Information Systems, and User Experience (UX) Design.

With teaching informed by the latest research, the program is project-focused. Students study programming languages, algorithms and information structure and develop the ability to process data or information in order to solve problems. Besides technical skills, students learn team dynamics, presentation skills and project management. There is significant industry input and opportunities for industry placements and internships. It is possible to gain credit for industrial certification courses licensed by major commercial software developers.

This course offers practical skills underpinned by sound theoretical understanding in the analysis, design and development of computer-based understanding of the hardware, software and network infrastructure that supports them; fundamental insights into the contexts in which they arise and operate and an appreciation of the social, ethical and professional issues associated with their development and operation.